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Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

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Premarital agreements are a mockery of “For richer, for poorer” – right?

For most people, planning a divorce before the wedding is unsettling to say the least. Some even say that couples who are confident in their love for each other have no need to sign a pre-nup. They may argue that such documents taint the sanctity of marriage.

Although these are reasonable arguments, a good chunk of first marriages end in divorce—up to 41%, according to some data. Signing a premarital agreement to divide assets before getting married may be a responsible decision for even the most secure couple. In fact, one could argue that premarital agreements are simply a way for couples to prove their love: they allow couples to protect each other in the event of a breakup by dividing their assets themselves beforehand, instead of letting a divorce court do it for them. If you and your spouse need legal assistance in this area, contacting a Cedar Rapids divorce attorney may help you both understand the process.

Premarital agreements could potentially save every couple grief. However, those with large amounts of debt, those expecting an inheritance, and business owners are very strongly advised to sign a prenup, according to divorce lawyers. Arenson & Maas, PLC, states on its website that legal assistance can help couples protect themselves and their families while dealing with “complex legalities.”

For those who remain uneasy about signing a prenup, “sunset clauses” may be a helpful crutch. These additions state that the document will no longer be valid after a certain number of years, or after children are born.

If you and your significant other one are getting married, seeking legal consultation to get more information about premarital agreements is a responsible and commendable decision.

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