Tips and Tricks to Maximize your Storage Rental

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If you find yourself paying regularly to rent storage space, you may want to learn a few tricks to keep your stuff safe while in storage. You may even save a bit of time and money if you do it right. Here are a few tips to help you along the way. 1. Use pallets to keep your stuff off the floor. This is especially important if your self-storage is outside, because rain or snow can seep through the doorway. Pallets are a great way to protect your boxes and furniture from water damage without taking up too much space. Plus they’re easy to use with forklifts. 2. Make industrial wrap your best friend. Wrapping up furniture that has fabric keeps the dust from settling in, and prevents scratches on painted and wooden surfaces. You should also double wrap paintings and other heat sensitive objects to protect them from temperature fluctuations. 3.

Use a sturdy, non-rust padlock with a short arm. Even when storage companies have good security, it is always better to have your own padlock for added security. A short arm means it won’t be easy to cut it with bolt cutters. 4. Label your boxes so you know where to look. This is more to keep you from ransacking everything looking for something you need. You may have packed it but you can’t rely on your memory six months down the road. Besides, you may move your boxes around a bit over time. Marking the boxes are just an efficient way to go. 5. Plan how you are going to fit them all in. Storage units have different dimensions, and price is based on the size you get. If you plan how you are going to fit in the big pieces and stack boxes, you will be able to occupy the whole area and save some money.

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