The Solution to Lonely Dogs

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One of my closest friends recently started a job in public accounting, and they are very stressed about their ability to take care of their dog while they work. He is single and will be living alone, and he has a high energy dog that requires a lot of exercise and mental engagement. His new job will make him work up to 80 hours a week, so he is sure that he can’t take care of the dog by himself. In order to relieve some of his stress as he finds an apartment to live in, I offered to do some research about how people take care of their pets when they have demanding work schedules. While I was doing this research, I came across the website for Walk!ATX, which is a business that offers personalized pet services. Walk! Atx offer a wide variety of services to help dog owners give their dogs the best care when they can’t do it themselves.

There is a wide range of services available for dog owners to choose from, but the most popular is dog walking. This company has a team of experienced dog walkers that will come to your home and give your dog anything from a short bathroom break to a four-hour hike on a trail. They cater to your dog’s energy, breed, size and age to make sure your dog has a happy and tiring walking experience. They also offer group walks with discounts for additional dogs that might be in your pack. Walk! Atx will even walk your dogs before and after work hours, on weekends, and even on Christmas Day, for an extra fee.

In addition to walking, Walk! Atx provides a number of other services that can help out a stressed dog owner that is running short on time. They can pet sit for you, which means they will go to your house and let your dog out and feed or water them, but this also includes watering your plants and taking the trash out. The company also offers boarding services where your dog can stay at their facility with other dogs and go on long group walks, get bathed, and do tricks for treats. Additionally, they offer dog training courses that focus on obedience and communication with your dog, and you and your dog will learn five basic commands, including come, heal, sit, stay, and down. Finally, they offer pet taxi services, so if you are sending your dog to be boarded or even to the vet, someone will come to your house and give your dog a lift, just like a ride-sharing program but with more supervision.

Reading all of the services available on the website for Walk! Atx showed me all of the different ways that dog owners can care for their dogs when they do not have enough free time to devote as much energy toward their pets as they would have liked. I am sure that all of this information will put my friend at ease and make his transition toward his new job in accounting much less stressful.

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