Truck and Bus Accidents

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What happens when a large truck with a heavy load and bus full of people collide? Disaster, that’s what. Truck and bus accidents by themselves are bad enough, but brought together they are sure to result in serious injury if not death, and considerable property damage.

More than 270,000 truck accidents and about 56,000 bus accidents occur in the US in 2011 which taken together is approximately 6% of the total number of vehicular accidents. Roughly 4,000 people were killed in these accidents, and 112,000 were injured. There are no statistics available for the number of truck-bus accidents, but one can imagine that they probably added as a whole to the count for the fatalities and injuries.

Because truck and bus drivers operate commercial vehicles, they are held to a higher licensing standard than a regular driver. They are expected to drive defensively and circumspectly because they operate vehicles that pose a significant threat to other vehicles as well as their own passengers. They also drive considerable distances, which make the likelihood of an accident higher than for other drivers.

Failure to take the requisite care and failure to follow safety regulations constitute professional negligence. According to the Habush Habush & Rottier website, this makes the driver and possibly the truck or bus company owner liable for property damage, civil damages resulting from personal injury or wrongful death, as well as the pain and suffering from emotional and physical trauma.

If you or an immediate family member has been involved in a truck, bus, or truck-bus accident because of the negligence of the driver or owner and which resulted in injury or death, it is not right that the victims should be burdened with the financial losses of the incident on top of everything else. At the very least, the negligent party or parties should be held responsible for expenses associated with the accident. Consult with a personal injury lawyer adept at handling cases involving truck or bus accidents and get the litigation process started.

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